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The First One

by Andy B & The World

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    172-Musician Collaborative Ska/Punk/Folk Album that took 4 years to make, starting with travel and ending on the internet! DIY through and through.

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Black & Blue 03:12
We been blinded false information that's been recycled on so-called news and social sites and feeling mistreated we're black and blue yea we're bruised and beaten but we the people won't be defeated still trying (for the rights that they will not permit) fighting (for the truth that they will not admit) we'll scream until our lungs are sore We are enlightened there is something in the air forgot our differences found common ground we share we are enlightened eyes are wider we're aware and now you can't ignore the many represented by the few when they're standing right in front of you you've got a lot to answer to! So much for trying the faults run deeper cracks underlying as walls go up the death tools rise and hardly surprising that fear has won out the joke's turned sour best friends turned around right on each other still trying (for the rights that they will not permit) fighting (for the truth that they will not admit) we'll scream until our lungs are sore
Well i've seen some things in my time that'll have you close your eyes and I heard these people talking and I'm sick of all the lies and I heard this great recession how it hit us by surprise and I know about depression how it eats you up inside Oh yes I know that something's out to get me I read it in the paper I heard it on the news there's people pointing fingers where there isn't any proof and now the burning in my stomach and my throat is killing me as this world gets more confusing where can I find relief? Oh yes I know that something's out to get me and I know that no one can defend me I've been around I've scored a few I've spent the rent on drugs and booze I climbed the walls I jumped the stairs I've grown it all and shaved my head and met so many people that have come to bitter ends too many of them touched my heart but I'm proud to call them friend
Protesin' 02:58
This ain't a test we're shouting for the best to stand up in protest consider it a roll call we have to organise ourselves before the system falls You might think you're just an innocent bystander but that ain't the case if they're feeding your face with lies and propaganda So do we all agree Get up with me and Jump up in protest We shout revolution but we don't know what that means watered down solutions make it harder to achieve so we talk and talk and talk and talk 'till we agree confirm our terms then kick back 'till we are free So do we all agree rise up with me There's got to be a better way there's got to be If we don't have protest what have we got? a government regime if we don't have protest what are we? we're part of the machine So I'll meet you on the front line at the designated time in solidarity we'll stand and we'll take back what's yours and mine and when we do what we do there will be no authority to dictate how we choose to live and that's when we will be free So do we all agree come on protest with me
Frantic 03:47
Angry men in angry times mollycoddled boys in pressed white shirts and ties they are vocal they are loud but they're not saying anything worth writing about Men's rights and pro-life vitriol masculinity is so damn fragile well, excuse me while I tune out you status quo is under threat there is no doubt Ain't no revolution ain't no change you're an echo from a time best left behind ain't no answers ain't no new point of view if you think you're onto something well, my friend, you're fucking high Angry men and angry boys picket signs and tiki torches are their new toys well, excuse me while I fight back if we don't defend we are open to attack
Hey! who's in charge here? let me be very clear I have no sympathy for animosity the depravity the news on my tv causes national anxiety the hateful words he speaks have no levity and what I see makes no sense to me Hey! who throws the brick? the one that really sticks I have no empathy for hypocrisy the careless moves he makes trash democracy and what I see makes no sense to me Hey! we won't back down we've gotta get up and stand our ground right now hey! we'll do what's right even if it means fighting for our lives
Times 03:20
We are the product of a total failure to have any control of our behaviour come on let's all go out we'll have a good time swallow this down that rack up another line oh, stuck in the simple life locked in from the outside well, we'll get by with our self-indulgent sense of self destruction by following bad instructions we'll lead our lives without any fear of the repercussions Try to remind you look to me look to you Where do we stop? where do we draw the line? you see a broken clock all I see is passing time feels like we're under attack I swear we're taking one step forwards and two steps back these are the times Won't be the product of thoughtless behaviour why should we take the fall for someone's failure cutting corners won't get there any faster
Locked away, behind it all memories lurk in the walls they feed the drive that makes you feel alive in an ever changing world it's true where we stay blue, you've got all of us and we've got You've only got one life to lead so go and chase anything that looks like a dream we will never fall, yea we'll stand tall chasing all obstruction in the way of what we knew could be It's hard to think, and to see and to feel those memories that take us back when we travelled the land just get lost in the life you were born to survive since you opened your eyes We've got your back we're on the same page we'll write the stories we've got your back we're on the same page we'll write the stories you won't forget
You can tell me to get over it that it's not your cross to bear you can tell me not to give a shit but you don't understand you can ask me why I bother you can tell me not to shout have lower expectations nothing to cry about you can tell me that i'm too intense it scares them all away I know I won't everything is going to be okay If I make you so unhappy why don't you pack your shit and leave? if I make you so unhappy why would you waste your time with me? i'm not gonna settle anymore But this is who I am and I'm not afraid to say "take it or leave it"wake up and get out i'm not afraid to hide myself that's not what we're all about but what do you know about standing up for something or fighting for what's right
You can roll your eyes you can act surprised I'll take my time at the back of the line you can buy me a drink give me peace of mind now the lights are low she's still on my mind I may not know how to survive here we are getting out alive forget all you may know Now when the smoke clears we're caught here like a tomb try to keep it moving, it's not a moment too soon & if you're scared and lonely babe take a piece of me I hope we make it out this time can't take it away you'll see Please don't waste my time looking out for me I've been thinking about where you've gone I'm hoping that you're finally free hey it makes me think maybe drop me a line I've seen it before about a hundred times Now my head is racing there's decades past of writing no one is around follow the streetlights you can find your way home if you chose to leave this maybe I should leave this alone In the night time on this city street no one's left to haunt me no one left to meet all the headlines are catching up to me I don't know where we're going I don't know we'll see
Do you remember when our days were simpler? we'd play and fight and then make up now it just seems obsessed with our screens we're all just waiting to draw first blood It's so abrasive and I can't take it anymore Why can't we live the way we did? when we were kids our different skin it all bleeds red no worthy fight no righteous cause if love is dead What if we tried to push hate aside get back to the point of where we're from? innocent born now we're war torn what good is a life if it's no fun? This game of humble brags and greed a contest to prove who's happy and I'm not playing 'cause you're all faking so I'm just baking at the thought of waking up in a place where we're all face to face and the masks that we wore were all tossed on the floor so we can be honest we're all just so scared 'cause this life can be tragic we're taught not to care for anyone but ourselves but that's not me that's no how it has to be we can be better I believe
I'm not one for betting when the odds are stacked so greatly against me for all that I lack could've been another foot taller had some shoulders that were broader better clothes had some style a different face a perfect smile so i'll, compile a list of all the things that are wrong with my profile and I will try to be a little less like myself to be a completely different guy All of this is vapid shit your kids best stay away from it broken teens magazines telling you what you should be it's all a scheme don't give them your money they're selling you dreams you people should be scrutinising all this fucking advertising and the way they can say that they're not promoting hate you take what you can take all that you can take I'm not one for kicking a man when he's down too many a person is trolling round town saying shit that they don't really fucking mean hiding behind computer screens get a life, it's passing by and it's far too short to try to crush another aching heart one battle bruised and showing scars they're alone they're at home and they've got nowhere to go but through the screen you keep on pushing innocent souls to certain ruin if they give in you are winning can you see what you are doing? These people make my stomach twist they'll surely get away with it 'cause they lurk in the dark taking pride in stealing hearts you've lost your spark don't give them a chance they'll lower your guard if as a people we were righteous we wouldn't allow this virus to spread to the heads of a youth we should protect now their paths are set
Well I'm just one man that's my excuse for floating through life being no fucking use to anyone I'm no use to anyone I've been a tool I've never been the sharpest one I had some fight but now it seems like it's all gone the man looks down on me 'cause he's already won I've nothing left to lose so I'll just march alone On the capital I'm marching will I be marching on my own I got no backup I'll have to tap up all of the people I've ever known the ones who share the same opinions the ones who share the same beliefs a marching party I need an army we're walking calmly we come in peace could we change the world? But putting in effort is so over-rated can't overcome the evil we created we suckle at their teet now we're sedated we think we're free but we're manipulated by the ones above for the ones we love we will overcome we're sick of playing dumb we're breaking out these slums we got them on the run here we come bodies numb marching on to the sounds of the drums but is it gonna make a difference? will we ever make a difference? I guess at best we'll be a hindrance if we can ever go the distance 'Cause on the capital we're marching we won't be marching on our own we grow in numbers we become stronger we are the people this is our home and it's not gonna be sucked dry by these parasites in power we make our point here we make a stand here it all could change in just an hour We could change the world if we just hold our ground if we just stand here now if we don't back down we could change the world here comes another row over the people's shouts I hear the sirens ringing out The crash into us with shields of plastic and batons raised and they'll get praised for all their violence here today they'll keep on pushing but we're not moving no, not an inch a wall of people dug in heels our arms and hearts are tightly linked We gotta hold our ground we gotta make this stand there ain't no backing down, no we've had it up to here can't take another year not gonna live in fear, no change the world
There was a time when all you'd have to do to cross the line was talk about your skin or the neighbourhood you're in now you don't need a reason grab your guns it's open season they put a madman on the throne there's nothing left he won't condone and when we're all said and done can you justify if you just comply Things change never thought I'd see this day deep down we're all the same no matter what we say things change this doesn't have to be the way yea, I'm not giving up no matter what they say Divided we fall push out our friends let's build a wall between our sense of wrong and right just to stop the fight so we can sleep at night while our cities burn around us they put foreigners in a camp it reads like pages of mein kampf and when we're all said and done can you justify if you just comply Things change never thought I'd see this day deep down we're all the same no matter what we say things change this doesn't have to be the way yea, I'm not giving up no matter what they say
We're living inside of a culture where we're taught to keep our heads down you've got a job to do so go and do it or you're left out you can't grasp another chance nah that one is all you get now the mirror ain't for second glances but I can't forget how it feels to lock that piece away to be myself another day push it down inside of me and let it out some other way I've gotta figure it out I need to get rid of the doubt no more of the ignorant bickering all of the differences I won't allow myself to wear there chains no more I'll pick myself up off the floor and rise again, rise against I know what I'll be fighting for I'm adding this onto the ever-growing list of reasons why the seconds into seasons got me piecing back my fucking mind yea piecing back my fucking mind A twisted misfit only lifted when I spit this drifting with this gift addicted I won't leave my ink constricted I could not have predicted that my words would have permitted me to take this path and know that in a moment, we existed and we ain't here for long so the hell am I going along with a predetermined book of lies that ain't where I belong fuck no I gotta go make my own way got me a vision I'm following closely solely on our own we pick our path but they ain't set in stone these pedestals we're putting people on are made of paper wait and see a gentle breeze push it away without a paperweight Flesh and bone and cartilage are part of this here habitat as far as I can tell this is the only time they're valid at I'm looking round now all I can see through these blinded eyes I was always buried underneath the pressure of those lies I'm gonna take this pen and push it deep into my veins and when it burrows through the skin I know I'll never be the same It's calling out my name the muse is drawing nearer inch out of this bubble 'til the songs becoming clearer yeah, I hear her and I ain't giving up not on that light laying down my arms just ain't an option in this fight


172-Musician Ska / Punk / Folk Worldwide Collaboration Album


released January 17, 2021

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Andy B


all rights reserved



Andy B & The World Glastonbury, UK

Country-jumping Ska/Punk/Folk one-man-band meets worldwide collaboration

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